Announcement: All personalized exercise programs, active rehab, and training services have resumed under the latest COVID-19 guidelines from AHS

First appointments require an assessment to establish objective and subjective baselines. It is recommended that a 90 minute appointment be made for the first time so we have enough time to measure a baseline, establish goals and prescribe treatment and/or exercises.

For those interested in pain management we will go through a series of range of motion measurements and muscle activation tests.

For those who have fitness goals, depending on what they are, we will go through some strength and/or aerobic testing to determine what a safe, realistic starting point for those goals are.

$65 / 60 minutes

$90 / 90 minutes

$10 off per session when
purchasing five or more sessions at once.

Prices include GST

Does my insurance cover your services?

Services are covered if you have a health and wellness spending account or coverage section for health and wellness under private providers.

Do you provide direct billing?

Unfortunately not yet, we are in the process of setting this up. You will receive invoices to provide your insurance company with.