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Kinesiotherapy and Personal Training sessions in pursuit of your goals, for your health, at your convenience.

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- Aleisia Arkley
BSc. Kinesiology
University of Calgary

Certified Exercise Physiologist® with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

Registered Kinesiologist with the Alberta Kinesiology Association

What is Kinesiotherapy?

Kinesiotherapists make use of medical research to guide rehabilitation and prevent injury, lifestyle diseases, and other physiological conditions related to painful or restricted movement.

What do Kinesiotherapists Do?

Manage Chronic Disease
Manage Physical Limitations
Concussion Assessments and Recovery
Weight Loss and Body Recomposition
Core Strengthening
Resistance Training
Improve Quality of Movement
Improve Range of Motion and Balance
Foster Passion for Daily Active Living

Rehab Therapy Services

By making a comprehensive assessment of how you are moving, we'll identify what is causing you pain or restricting your range of motion.

Pain often comes from a biomechanical imbalance in the body: when segments of the joints and muscles are moving out of alignment, it can build tension in some muscles and the brain's neurological system.

We can start with a therapeutic approach aimed at relief initially, while over time building functional exercises into your daily routine to help you move like new.

Fitness Training for Chronic Pain and Post Injury

Fitness training is an important facet of recovering from any injury. We will design a training program to rebuild injured muscular and connective structures by working against gradually increasing loads and pushing the zone of proximal development in your range of motion for affected joints.

Successfully training for robust recovery and performance gains requires practicing movements combining specificity and variability. Over time, the successful trainee will follow a graduated progression of difficulty.

Model of Care

Clinical Therapy Experience

Your kinesiologist has multiple years of clinical experience with injury and stroke rehabilitation as well as functional movement training. Aleisia currently works as the lead kinesiologist at a multidisciplinary physician's office called Advanced Primary Care. Further, she is a certified exercise physiologist and comes from a competitive sports background.

Research Backed Methods

All treatments offered are in use in certified clinical practice, and are backed by peer-reviewed research. You can delve into this research on our resources page

Availability & Convenience

We are dedicated to offering patients access to treatment as easily and often as possible. We are available for same-day appointments seven days a week, 7AM to 8PM. Allowing you to get the care you need when you need it.

Supporting Your Goals

From our first appointment, we will explore your functional movement or performance training goals, measure your baseline, and build a progressive, actionable plan that you can execute consistently.